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Ambar Universal APS Dental Adhesive


  • 32 Clinical Evaluators
  • 759 Total Uses
  • 91% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “Lack of color is great for anterior restorations.”
  • “ I found it to be very adhesive.”
  • “Ambar’s universal applications make it suitable for multiple clinical situations.”
  • “ I experienced zero sensitivity and had no de-bonds with this product.”
  • “I liked the ease of handling and that it was invisible after light curing.”
  • “Ambar is a winner.” 
  • “Good film thickness and works well in moisture.”
  • “The dispensing could better – the tip does not control the drops.”
  • “Application was a bit difficult, as the material felt very thick.”


  • All classes of direct restorations with composite (classes I, II, III, IV and V)
  • Adhesive cementation (together with resin cement) of prosthetics (intraarticular posts/cores, crowns, onlays/inlays, veneers etc.), fiberglass, ceromer, ceramic, resin and metal
  • Adhesive repairs of ceramic and composite restorations
  • As a primer for metal or ceramic restorations (etching or non-etching, note: no silane)

Unique Attributes

  • This adhesive is virtually colorless, which makes it ideal for highly esthetic restorations.
  • The ability to use this product with different levels of dentin moisture adds confidence that the adhesion will still be high, even if the tooth is a little moister or a little drier than ideal.


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Ambar Universal APS Dental Adhesive is a universal adhesive:

  • Universal adhesive: use under different acid conditioning protocols (self-etching, selective-etching on enamel or total-etching) and on different surfaces
  • APS system: excellent performance at any moisture level of dentin. Perfect for intracanal application
  • Adhesive is virtually colorless – does not interfere with esthetic restorations or cementation
  • It is compatible with dual-, self- or light-curing resin cements