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Cavex Bite&White In-Office Whitening System

Cavex Holland BV


  • 22 Dental Professionals
  • 52 Total Uses
  • 86% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “Noticeable lack of sensitivity both during and after the procedure.”
  • “Stable without refrigeration.”
  • “I was able to target areas easily with the brush applicator.”
  • “Easier to apply than my normal in-office materials.”
  • “Simple use and good whitening results.”
  • “I get better whitening results with my current material, but I like the delivery and stability without refrigeration from this Cavex material.”
  • “My patients needed at least two separate applications to achieve good results.”


Cavex Bite&White In-Office Whitening System is a professional dental whitening system:

  • For in-office whitening
  • Pre-mixed
  • Fast, easy to use brush on system
  • 25% Hydrogen Peroxide Superior whitening agent
  • 10 to15-minute applications (2-3 recommended per session)
  • Tissue barrier included

Unique Attributes

  • Applicator pen with brush tip
  • The patented Hydrogen Peroxide Superior technology keeps the 25% gel stable. As a result, the product is immediately ready for use, without pre-mixing.
  • No activation light required
  • Thick consistency gel for controlled application
  • No refrigeration required


  • In-office whitening procedures
  • Lightening the color of natural teeth

Clinical Tips

  • Make sure the tissue barrier seals off the tissue from the whitening material well.
  • Provide the patient with realistic expectations.
  • For best results, place thin applications multiple times.
  • Take advantage of the consistency of this material to target placement, such as around white spots.