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VivaStyle Whitening Strips


  • 11 Clinical Evaluators
  • 96 Total Uses
  • 91% Clinical Rating

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Comfortable to wear without need for a tray at all.”
  • “Adhered well without slipping.”
  • “I had a result already in a few days.”
  • “The whitening gel started foaming, which made me feel like it was working.”
  • “Taste was good, it seemed like it was coconut.”
  • “Did not burn my gums.”
  • “I did not like waiting 1 hour after to eat.”


VivaStyle Whitening Strips:

  • Offer a once per day treatment with a 30-minute wear time
  • Contain 6% hydrogen peroxide strips
  • 14 days of treatment

Clinical Tip

  • Make sure the teeth are not too wet prior to application


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Unique Attribute

  • These whitening strips adhere well to the teeth


  • Take-home whitening