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GLO Science


  •     16   Clinical Evaluators
  •    62   Patients
  •  572   Total Uses
  • 91% Clinical Rating

Consultants’ Comments

  • Effective whitening in short amount of time.”
  • “The patient has used many whitening systems and thought this was the easiest and most effective by far.”  
  • “This was an easy-to-use product and I was able to see major improvements in the brightness of my smile after a short time using it.” 
  • “The wireless mouthpiece is very portable!”
  • “Sleek packaging and design. I could see a lot of Instagram and TikTok out of it.”
  • “Less time, no sensitivity, quick results.”
  • “The patient felt like the mouthpiece was too much for their mouth.”
  • “Enjoyed using. Worked better than previous things I’ve tried. Just experienced issues with the power button occasionally.”

Clinical Tips

  • Instruct your patients that they can continue to use for up to 8 days in a row to see continued whitening results if desired.
  • Instruct your patients that they can swallow as normal while whitening with the device.
  • Instruct your patients to store and charge the mouthpiece inside the induction charging case when not in use.
  • Instruct your patients that they only need to apply a thin layer of gel to their teeth and to avoid the gingiva.

Unique Features

  • Controlled heating & illuminating intra-oral mouthpiece for accelerated results without sensitivity.
  • Four-day complete treatment at only 16 minutes (two 8-minute sessions) per day.


  • Professional at-home teeth whitening.


The GLO PRO POWER At Home Wireless Teeth Whitening Device Kit is a take-home whitening kit with:

  • A professional-strength 10% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel
  • Patented controlled warming mouthpiece (universal size)
  • Wireless technology
  • Quick induction charging
  • Optional Bluetooth connectivity to the GLO Whitening App