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Consultants’ Comments

  • “It is reassuring to know that the restorative material is fully cured. With light-cured materials, sometimes I wonder.”
  • “Placing large fillings in a single layer saves time.”
  • “Matrix has to be adapted well to get a good proximal contact since there is no ability to pack the material.”

Clinical Tips

  • Allow the material to set before light curing. This will optimize the shrinkage characteristics, minimizing the chance of post-operative sensitivity and microleakage.
  • It sets very fast, which is good for a single restoration. Plan on using a new mixing tip for each tooth.

Evaluation Highlights

  • BulkEZ was evaluated by 25 consultants in 452 uses.
  • The flowable nature of the composite has good wetting and adapts well to the prepared surfaces.
  • Setting time is very fast.
  • Finished restorations have great radiopacity.
  • The long needle tips can be bent to the desired angle and allow good access to posterior teeth, even fitting into narrow areas.
  • The three shades are adequate for most posterior teeth.


BulkEZ is a dual-cured, bulk-fill posterior composite that is placed like a flowable composite and is compatible with any adhesive system. BulkEZ is available in shades A1, A2, and A3. Working time in the mouth is 40 seconds and setting time is 65 seconds. Light curing for 10 seconds is recommended after initial setting has occurred. BulkEZ is supplied in a 6 mL automix syringe; mixing tips have needle tip extensions in 17- and 19-gauge sizes.


  • Posterior restorations, Class I and II
  • Cavity Liner
  • Core Build-up and post cementation

 Unique Features

  • BulkEZ is one of the few dual-cure posterior composites available, allowing unlimited depth of cure. This feature ensures complete polymerization in areas the curing light may not reach.