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BOSPHORUS Diamond Burs

Tekmetal San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Really great burs!”
  • “Durable after repeated autoclaving.”
  • “Efficient cutting.”
  • “Comprehensive selection of sizes and shapes.”
  • “I would prefer individual packaging.”


BOSPHORUS Diamond Burs are multi-use, friction-grip burs. The burs are manufactured with hardened stainless steel for the shanks and diamond plated heads. BOSPHORUS Diamond Burs are available in six color-coded grits (super-coarse to extra-fine) in numerous shapes and sizes. They are packaged with five diamonds in a plastic bur block. BOSPHORUS Diamond Burs were evaluated by 12 consultants in 241 uses. These diamond burs received a 91% clinical rating.

Product Features

BOSPHORUS Diamond Burs exhibited excellent cutting efficiency, and most consultants found them to perform as well as their preferred diamonds. Durability was rated as very good for these multiple-use diamonds. The color bands that indicated grit did not fade or rub off after repeated use. The extensive selection of burs includes the most common shapes plus many others in a wide range of sizes and grits. Eight percent of consultants rated BOSPHORUS Diamond Burs better than other diamond burs they were using and 83% rated them equivalent. Sixty-seven percent would switch to BOSPHORUS Diamond Burs and 83% would recommend them to a colleague.