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BeeSure Naturals Ear Loop Face Masks

Consultants’ Comments

  • “They were a great fit around the nose, and it was a bonus to have some environmentally friendly aspects.”
  • “Canyon print is a fun design.”
  • “Size seems larger than my usual mask.”
  • “Some boxes of masks had a noticeable odor.”
  • “The white mask should have a mark to distinguish inside from outside.”


BeeSure Naturals Ear Loop Face Masks are specifically designed to offer excellent protection using eco-friendly materials and maintaining user comfort. These masks are fabricated with over 60% eco-friendly cellulose components, and a portion of all proceeds is donated to environmental causes. BeeSure Naturals Ear Loop Face Masks exceed ASTM level 2 standard protection, with a BFE and PFE of greater than 98%. Masks have cushioned ear-loops and offer 15% more breathing room due to their unique quad-fold design. They are free from latex, dye (on the internal surface) and fiberglass, reducing exposure to potential harmful allergens. They are available in boxes of 50 masks in three colors/designs: Cloud (white), Canyon (red print) and Glacier (blue print). BeeSure Naturals Ear Loop Face Masks were evaluated by 31 consultants in 705 uses. This mask received an 86% clinical rating.

Product Features

Eighty-seven percent of consultants responded that it was “somewhat” or “very important” to choose disposable products that are environmentally friendly. BeeSure Naturals Ear Loop Face Masks are produced with cellulose materials that promoted easy breathing. The inside of the mask is smooth with no lint or fibers that tickle the nose. The smoothness felt papery or stiff to some users. The nose-band creates a good seal at the top of the mask. Consultants reported the large size and stiffness as factors that contributed to gaps in the fit at the bottom of the mask.