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Aura Bulk Fill

SDI (North America) Inc.

Consultants’ Comments

  • “I can finish most of my posterior restorations in a single layer because of the deep curing.”
  • “Easy to extrude and handling is amazing.” 
  • “The universal shade is really just that.  I did not expect the color to blend with most teeth, but it did!
  • “Capsules of composite come in a handy box with a magnetic closure.”

Clinical Evaluation Results

  • Aura Bulk Fill was evaluated by 33 consultants in 657 uses.
  • The composite handles well, adapting to cavity walls and allowing sculpting without sticking to the instrument.
  • The single, universal shade approximates A2 and blends well with surrounding enamel.
  • Options of two extra shades were requested by some consultants.
  • The 40-second curing time is longer than average


Aura Bulk Fill is a nanohybrid composite designed for filling posterior teeth in a single layer. The Ultra High Density (UHD) glass filler provides a high-strength interface that can withstand high compressive forces while still delivering excellent handling and polishing properties.

Unique Features

  • Aura Bulk Fill offers a 5 mm depth of cure and one universal shade to simplify posterior composite placement

Results from THE DENTAL ADVISOR Biomaterials Research Laboratory

  • Gloss after polishing83 (2) gloss units
  • Radiopacity2.9 (0.1) mm of aluminum per mm of material
  • Depth of cure (20 s)7.3 mm
  • Depth of cure (40 s)8.9 mm