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A&M Diamond Burs

A&M Instruments

Consultants’ Comments

  • “One of the best burs I have used.”
  • “A well-manufactured product…and made in the USA.”
  • A&M Diamond Burs are a great value.”
  • “Every option is available.”


A&M Diamond Burs are manufactured with multiple layers of premium quality diamonds allowing for smooth, efficient cutting and heat reduction. The burs are FDA registered and ISO certified. Varying packaging options include a six-unit box for multi-use burs and individual blister packaging for single-patient burs. A&M Diamond Burs are available in over a thousand shapes, sizes and grits, including ultra-fine, extra fine, fine, medium, coarse, and super coarse. Multi-use, friction grip A&M Diamond Burs were evaluated by 26 consultants in 724 uses. These diamonds received a 91% clinical rating.


Product Features

A&M Diamond Burs provide very good cutting efficiency. Many consultants used them for crown preparations and found that they lasted for three to five uses. These multi-use A&M Diamond Burs are packaged in a plastic box containing six burs of the same kind and must be sterilized before use. The burs cut smoothly and cleanly and are durable for multiple clinical procedures. They run concentrically without chatter or vibration. Burs follow commonly used color coding designation for easy identification.