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3M ESPE Elipar S10

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Easy to activate, easy to reach posterior areas, easy to clean.”
  • “Cures everything.”
  • “Durable light – the housing is unbreakable.”
  • “Lightweight.”
  • “Unit gets warm.”


Elipar S10 is an LED curing light that has a 10 mm light guide that rotates 360°. The exterior is stainless steel, for easy disinfection between patients and is resistant to discoloration and staining from disinfectants and dental materials. The unit offers cordless portability with 60 minutes of curing time from a fully-charged battery (approximately 360, 10-second cures) with a 90-minute recharge time. The Elipar S10 produces 5-second curing of composites shade A3 and lighter1. Elipar S10 offers preset cure times of 5, 10, 15, 20, and 120 seconds, plus a tack-cure mode that allows removal of excess cement. Elipar S10 has an intensity of 1200 mW/cm2, providing up to 50% more optical power and up to 80% more curing surface than many common lights. Elipar S10 was used by six consultants in 1255 cases. Elipar S10 received a 97% clinical rating.

Equipment Features

Elipar S10 is an excellent light-curing unit with high ratings for ease of use, ease of stability in the docking station, ability to hold its charge, and ease of disinfection. The light guide rotates freely, enhancing access in all areas of the mouth. The buttons are sensitive and only require a light touch for activation. The only drawback was that the unit gets warm during use. Eighty-three percent of consultants reported that Elipar S10 was better, whereas 17% reported it was the same as their current light-curing unit. Eighty-three percent would switch and 100% would recommend it.

Editors’ Note:

1A list of tested composites is available from 3M ESPE at the following dedicated website: