Cosmetic Dentistry & Whitening

March-April 2021 Vol. 38, No. 02

One thing I would not have predicted since COVID-19 became an integral part of our lives is the increased demand for cosmetic dental procedures. As our practice was tackling new guidance and PPE requirements during our 3-month shutdown last year, I was surprised to see so many patients requesting procedures like teeth whitening, clear aligner treatment, and cosmetic veneers when we opened back up. Some have claimed this is the result of people spending more time on video conferencing calls, aka “the zoom effect”. Prior to Zoom, most people never talked to themselves in a mirror, so they had no idea what their teeth looked like. Now, with more video chatting, people are so much more conscious about their smile, teeth and overall appearance. They also have more flexibility in their schedules and can commit to the time it takes to undergo treatment. As a profession, it is our responsibility to be sure our patients remain smiling, even in difficult times. Opening the conversation with patients about what makes them self-conscious about their smile or talking to them about the benefits of doing conservative cosmetic treatments are all ways to solidify your relationship with them. As a perk, it keeps things positive in your practice. Everyone loves to see happy patients! Thanks for keeping us smiling this past year.

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