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  • 36 Clinical Evaluators
  • 916 Total Uses
  • 86% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “The clear sheath being incorporated right on the needle is a great idea.”
  • “It was easy to sheath and un-sheath the needle.”
  • SimpleCap provides the ability to prevent needle stick injury while providing painless injections, due to the quality of the needle sharpness, at the same time.”
  • “The added safety feature gives me peace of mind.”
  • “I liked not having to worry about the cap falling on the floor and having an exposed needle on the tray.”
  • “I liked having the option of delivery to the mouth with the barrier in place. I found this to especially be a great option for a restless patient.”
  • “The size of the product took up more space in the sharps container.”
  • It was more difficult to see around the sheath when administering certain injections such as a PSA.”


  • Injection of dental anesthetic

Clinical Tips

  • You can keep the needle sheathed and expose it just before injecting to obscure it from the patient.
  • Don’t bend the needles if you anticipate you will need to reinject.
  • It is a little different than what you are used to, so make sure you and your assistants watch the training videos. There is a very good troubleshooting video as well.





SimpleCap needle system:Dental needles with a built-in recapping sheath:

  • Designed to prevent needlestick injury
  • Twist to unlock and lock
  • Slides vertically to cover or expose the needle
  • Obscures the needle from the patient’s view
  • Meets OSHA definition of engineering control

Unique Attributes

  • Fits on a standard aspirating syringe
  • Keeps fingers away from needle tip while recapping
  • Does not require a separate recapping device
  • Sharp, smooth needle
  • Hub-to-tip needle length is longer than standard needle
    – 27L is 15% longer
    – 30S is 20% longer