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SDI (North America) Inc.


  • 29 Clinical Evaluators
  • 862 Total Uses
  • 93% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “Light-colored, thin material. It flowed great and you could tell it got in all the crevices.”
  • “Made even coats possible when applying multiple layers.”
  • “This was a very easy and versatile bonding agent. I like to keep things simple and efficient and this material allows me to do just that.”
  • ZIPBOND is an excellent desentizer. It is better than our current products.”
  • “Zero post-op sensitivity with any of the patients I used ZIPBOND on.”
  • “A few times, it was very difficult to remove a sectional or circumferential matrix band due to the adhesive bond.”
  • “It worked well in all situations in 92 restorations.”


  • Bonding of light, dual, and self-cured composite or compomer restorations.
  • Sealing of cavity preparations prior to direct and indirect restoration placement.
  • Core build ups.
  • Bonding of indirect restorations when combined with a resin-based cement.
  • Root surface desensitization.
  • Bonding of pit and fissure sealants.
  • Protective varnish for glass ionomer restorations.
  • Repair of composite and compomer restorations.

Clinical Tips

  • Try it as a desensitizer, as well as for bonding.
  • The light color makes it great for anterior esthetics.





ZIPBOND is a light-cured, single-component universal dental adhesive that is:

  • Indicated for direct and indirect restorations.
  • Fluoride releasing.
  • Compatible with self-etch, total-etch, or selective-etch techniques without the use of a separate dual-cured activator