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iBond Universal


  • 38 Clinical Evaluators
  • 1000 Total Uses
  • 98% Clinical Rating

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Spread so thinly and evenly.”
  • “I liked the lack of residual color.”
  • “Excellent dispensing.”
  • “Variety of uses in one adhesive.”
  • “Wets the tooth surface well.”
  • “The application was faster and easier because the film thickness and viscosity were thinner than my current bond. The excess was also easier to thin out and remove.”
  • “Easy to use, one bottle system and no post-op sensitivity.”
  • “10-second curing time is great.”


iBond Universal is a universal, light-curing adhesive that:

  • Has a unique moisture control system for dentin penetration
  • Is an acetone base which quickly evaporates water making this material easier to air dry, reduces technique sensitivity and supports a homogeneous bonding layer
  • Is a versatile universal material
  • Does not require dual-cure activator
  • Can be used in self-etch, total-etch, or selective etch modes
  • Has an exclusive drop control bottle

Clinical Tip

  • A ceramic primer is necessary for repairs and when using for indirect restorations




Unique Attributes

  • Many evaluators commented on the lack of sensitivity they experienced with this material.
  • Color of the material was near clear, making it more versatile as there was no concern when placing restorations in the esthetic zone.


  • Bonding of direct restorations for all cavity classes using light-curing, dual-curing or self-curing methacrylate-based composites/compomers.
  • Bonding of light-curing, dual-curing or self-curing core build-up materials.
  • Sealing of hypersensitive tooth areas.
  • Bonding of fissure sealants.
  • Sealing of cavities and core preparations prior to temporary cementation of indirect restorations (according to the immediate dentin sealing technique).
  • Cementation of indirect restorations with light-curing, dual-curing or self-curing adhesive resin cements.
  • Sealing of cavities prior to amalgam restorations.