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G2-BOND Universal

GC America, Inc


  • 25 Clinical Evaluators
  • 659 Total Uses
  • 91% Clinical Rating

Consultants’ Comments

  • “A universal like G-2 Bond Universal should be in every office.”
  • “I love the precise dispensing.”
  • “Great for reducing sensitivity.”
  • “Worked great to repair porcelain on crowns.”
  • “Good film thickness and flowability.”
  • “I typically use a desensitizer to minimize post op sensitivity. I did not in this case and did not have any patients report sensitivity.”
  • “Cured quickly in the well and I had to use multiple drops when placing several restorations.”
  • “Great product but would have preferred if it were 1 step.”


G-2 Bond Universal is a universal bonding agent with:

  • Choice of preferred etching mode: self-adhesive, selective etch, or total etch
  • High bond strength and durability
  • Multiple indications
  • Resistance to marginal staining
  • Easy dispensing with bottle covers that control the pressure for precise drops
  • Low technique sensitivity
  • HEMA free-formulation

Clinical Tip

  • Protect from ambient light when doing multiple restorations, as it sets up quickly in the well.




Unique Attributes

  • This two-bottle system helps to reduce technique sensitivity that can lead to post-op sensitivity and restoration failures. Evaluator comments confirmed that using this material reduced the incidence of post-op sensitivity.
  • The precise dropper system reduces wasted material.