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  •     27  Clinical Evaluators
  •  204  Total Uses
  •  96% Clinical Rating

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Excellent flow characteristics and radiopacity. I tried it with both the stock syringe tips included with the sealer and the minimal waste tips and it flowed beautifully.”
  • “The small application tip was great to work with.”
  • “Unable to utilize for warm vertical condensation.”
  • “Using a syringe to inject into the canal can result in overfilling of the canal.”


ZenSeal is a root canal sealer that:

  • Is calcium-silicate based
  • Requires no mixing
  • Offers high flowability




Unique Attributes

  • Syringe with small tip allows for direct placement into the canal
  • Premixed
  • Active components mimic MTA
  • Low film thickness

Clinical Tips

  • Mark the disposable tips to measure depth and avoid overfilling.
  • Place the material quickly as it does set up faster than we would normally expect.
  • It is not necessary to pump the gutta percha as the cement will flow into the cleaned areas.
  • After thoroughly instrumenting, cleaning and drying the canal, place the cement into the canal and gently place your gutta percha.
  • Extrude material very slowly, with little pressure, through the needle tip into the canal withdrawing slowly as the material extrudes.
  • Push gently on the syringe, a little goes a long way.


  • Permanent obturation of the root canal following vital pulp-extirpation, removal of infected or necrotic pulp and placement of intracanal dressings.
  • ZenSeal is suitable for the single-cone technique.