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NeoMTA Plus

Avalon Biomed, Inc.

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Good radiopacity.”
  • “Versatile material.”
  • “Ideal material to treat a pinpoint pulp exposure during a restorative procedure.”
  • “Consistency is smooth, not gritty.”
  • “Powder and gel are easy to mix.”
  • “Package in a sturdier box that is easier to open.”
  • “Instructions should include powder/gel ratio recommendations for different indications.”


NeoMTA™ Plus® root and pulp treatment material is a powder/gel system with no resin. The components are an extremely fine powder primarily tricalcium and dicalcium silicate plus a water-based gel. The powder is off-white, contains no bismuth oxide, and is formulated to prevent staining the tooth. The material is both bioactive and radiopaque and is indicated for pulp capping, cavity lining, base, pulpotomy, root-end filling, apexification, perforation repair, root resorption, sealing, and endodontic obturation. NeoMTA Plus achieves washout resistance in less than 3 minutes, allowing continuation of the restorative procedure. It has a 10-minute working time and a 15-minute setting time when mixed to a putty consistency. The powder bottle has a desiccant liner, allowing a shelf life of 3 years; storage is at room temperature. The kit evaluated included 2.5 g powder with scoop and 4 mL liquid in a dropper bottle. NeoMTA Plus was evaluated by 21 consultants in 357 uses. This reparative cement received a 91% clinical rating.

Product Features

NeoMTA Plus has superior handling properties compared to other powder/liquid MTA products available. The smooth consistency creates a cement that can be packed and molded and stays where placed. The ability to mix it to different viscosities offers versatility, depending upon the clinical situation. Most consultants had a need to keep this type of product on hand for occasional use and were pleased with the long shelf life. The packaging was considered economical since the desired amount could be dispensed with no wasted material. When used for direct or indirect pulp capping, consultants reported little to no post-operative sensitivity.


Clinical Tips

  • When using NeoMTA Plus during a restorative procedure, place a flowable composite over the cement before etching the tooth.