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Visalys Core


Visalys Core is a dual-curing, radiopaque composite that contains fluoride and is BPA free. It is indicated for core build-ups and cementing root posts. Visalys Core is available in white and dentin shades. Light curing time is 20 seconds; self-curing requires 5 minutes.

 Unique Features

Visalys Core may be used with any light- or dual-cure adhesive of any generation. Active-Connect-Technology ensures compatibility with any adhesive: light or dual-curing, single-stage or multi-stage adhesives, with or without an additional activator.

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Being able to use any adhesive simplifies my procedure set-up.”
  • “Excellent viscosity for post cementation.”
  • “The cured material is easy to prep.”

Clinical Observations

Visalys Core was evaluated by 28 consultants in 563 uses.


  • The short mixing tips minimize waste.
  • Narrow intraoral tips allow placement in canals and around posts.
  • The large automix cartridge is economical but is not conducive to precise placement.


  • Visalys Core can be applied directly into the cavity, flows smoothly into the root canal, and remains stable when building up the core without slumping.
  • The dual cure allows plenty of working time.


  • The dentin shade blends well for esthetic restorations.
  • The white shade had medium opacity and is visible without being stark white.


  • The hardness of the cured material provides appropriate resistance to burs when transitioning from dentin to the core material.
  • Diamonds do not ditch or gouge the core.


  • Material lacks distinct radiopacity.