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Consultants’ Comments

  • “It performed well – good flowability, stackability and it did not slump.”“The “white” and “blue” are easy to distinguish. It’s easy to gauge when shaping.”
  • “I was able to cut close to pins without any fracturing of the material.”
  • “The cured finish prior to trimming seems quite smooth and dense – a pleasure to use.”
  • “Simple to use and it appears to have a lower contact angle than other core materials.”
  • “One of the best materials I have ever used. The kit had everything.”
  • “The intraoral tip was a little big for some spaces – a smaller, longer one would be useful.”
  • “We had to cure in layers. I didn’t like that the adhesive is a 2-step.”
  • “Beautiful handling properties, just the right viscosity.  Adapts well to undercuts.”

Clinical Tips

  • Take your time when placing this material and use even, slow pressure.
  • Try the blue color. It’s great if the tooth ever needs a root canal retreat or crown replacement. The endodontist will thank you! Just don’t use it under an IPS e.max crown, the color will show.
  • We used it for conventional cores and emergency “build-up and recementing” of crowns and bridges when patients couldn’t afford or stay for definitive treatment – very impressive.
  • Give it an extra minute to start cutting it after curing this material.
  • Dispensing gun is available for easier extrusion.
  • Endo mixing tips are available for smaller spaces.

Evaluation Highlights

  • was evaluated by 30 consultants, and used 448 times in total.
  • Excellent viscosity for placement and stacking
  • Excellent color contrast with blue and yellow shades
  • Non-slumping
  • Multi-step process

Unique Features

  • Three different shades (yellow (tooth), blue, white)
  • Sets hard, cuts like dentin.
  • High bond strength to enamel, dentin and posts.
  • Medium viscosity allows for maximum control during application, and stackability.


  • Core build-ups
  • Cementation of root posts

Description® is a radiopaque, auto-mixed, dual-cured, composite core build-up material with medium viscosity for easy application with controlled placement and stackability. This material offers high bond strength to enamel, dentin and posts, sets hard and cuts like dentin.  Core-it is available as a system kit containing 2, 10 g syringes (yellow), a 5 mL bottle each of EsBond and Activator, a 5 mL syringe of FineEtch, two Eco Tips, 12 core mixing tips, 12 Intraoral tips, a dispensing dish, application tool, 34 microbrush tips, and four etchant tips. In addition, it is available in boxes containing 2, 10 g syringes in yellow, blue or white composite together with two Eco Tips and 12 mixing tips. Packs containing 50 mixing tips and intra oral tips are also available.