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Venus White Ultra

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Whitening was visible after the first use.”
  • “Cost effective option for patients.”
  • “No sensitivity to teeth or gingiva.”
  • “No trays to load or clean.”
  • “Quick and easy.”
  • “Trays fit loosely and slide on the teeth.”
  • “I would like the trays to extend over the first molars.”


Venus White Ultra is a convenient entry-level whitening system that patients can use at home with no chair time required. It is ideal for teen patients or those who cannot afford custom tray or in-office whitening, and might look for an over-the-counter alternative instead.The system consists of pre-formed, single-use whitening trays that are pre-filled with whitening gel. The gel is 11.2% mint-flavored hydrogen peroxide. Each kit contains seven upper and lower trays that are intended to be worn 30-45 minutes daily. A full line of patient marketing materials are available, including customizable pieces. Venus White Ultra is just one offering within the complete family of Venus White teeth whitening and oral care products.

Venus White Ultra was evaluated by six consultants in 15 patient uses. This whitening system received an 86% clinical rating.

Product Features

Venus White Ultra provides effective teeth whitening with no chair time required. For the dental practice that wants to provide their patients with a professional-strength alternative to over-the-counter products, Venus White Ultra was found to be a very good option. The trays are thin and flexible to provide universal fit. Some instances of excess gel overflowing along the edges of the tray and foaming was reported. Despite any contact of gel on the gingiva, 25% of patients experienced no irritation of soft tissue or tooth sensitivity. Visible whitening was noticed after the first use in many cases, and 75% of patients felt it whitened their teeth. The trays were small enough to fit in most adult mouths, but they were not long enough or high enough to completely cover areas desired in larger mouths. Seventeen percent of consultants rated Venus White Ultra better than other at-home whitening products they were using and 17% rated it equivalent. Seventeen percent would switch to Venus White Ultra and 33% would recommend it to a colleague. Forty-five percent of patients would recommend Venus White Ultra and they would continue using it.


Clinical Tips

  • Instruct patients not to press down too firmly on trays so they don’t spread gel onto soft tissue. 
  • Remove any excess gel from the edges of the tray after placement in the mouth.
  • Send this home with the patient as a touch-up after in-office whitening.