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SS White Oral Surgery Burs

S.S. White Burs, Inc

Consultants’ Comments

  • “When the burs are sharp, the tactile sensation is superb.”
  • “Good cutting efficiency – very effective!”
  • “Difficult to open pack to get just one bur out.”
  • “Tend to clog with debris quickly.”


S.S. White Oral Surgery Burs are auto-clavable, reusable, tungsten carbide burs indicated for use during sectioning of teeth, bone removal, and endodontic surgery. There are 22 shapes available in eight different shank lengths, including surgical length and right-angle surgical length. Burs evaluated were all surgical length, including FG #2, 4, 6, 8, 557, 558, 1558, 701, 702, and 703. Also evaluated were slow speed RA #6, 8, 557, 558, and 702 burs. Friction-grip burs measured 25.0mm in length; slow speed/right angle burs measured 26.0mm in length. Thirteen consultants evaluated Oral Surgery Burs in over 300 procedures. This product received a 93% clinical rating.

Product Features

S.S. White Oral Surgery Burs were well received by consultants. The burs fit precisely into the hand-pieces, and exhibited good concentricity during use. The lengths of the shanks were comfortable for most clinicians, Effectiveness for sectioning teeth, endodontic surgery, and bone removal were all rated as very good. Diameter and length of the bur heads are excellent for the indicated procedures. Although the burs have a tendency to clog with debris somewhat quickly, they are easy to clean before sterilization. The bur durability received an 87% rating after sterilization. Overall, 92% of consultants found S.S. White Oral Surgery Burs to be equal to or better than their current oral surgery bur. Eighty percent indicated that they would switch from their current product and 90% would recommend the product to a colleague.