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SNOW Teeth Whitening System


  • 40 Dental Professionals
  • 417 Total Uses
  • 87% Clinical Rating

Dental Professionals’ Comments

  • “The zero sensitivity was great.”
  • “I liked that I could use it anywhere because it plugged right into my phone.”
  • “I used it and liked it so much I had my patients order it online.”
  • “It’s easy to apply whitening agent with the click pen applicator.”
  • “The instructional videos and the kit were so esthetic you felt like you were getting an amazing value.”
  • “More challenging to retain mouthpiece in small mouths.”
  • “Increased my saliva production.”
  • “I was not sure how much whitening gel to use.”


  • Ages 9+
  • Whitens smoking, coffee, soda and wine stains
  • Approved to use on: veneers, braces, crowns and bridges
  • Tetracycline staining

Clinical Tips

  • Mouthpiece can rub on exostosis.
  • Lay back while whitening.
  • Start out using the silver wands and switch to the stronger gold wand if needed.


SNOW’s all-in-one teeth whitening system:

  • Engineered to react to LED technology and accelerate whitening
  • Wired LED mouthpiece
  • Does not cause sensitivity
  • Safe for use with crown and bridge, veneers, and braces
  • 9-minute application for up to 21 days

Unique Attributes

  • No impressions, as no custom trays are needed
  • LED activating light
  • Desensitizing serum
  • Two strengths of whitening serum
  • LED mouthpiece plugs into your phone
  • Well packaged, easy-to-use system