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Shield Force Plus™

Tokuyama Dental America Inc.

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Effects are immediate.”
  • “Great product! I am interested to see a long-term follow-up on how well it works over time.”
  • “Effective when used under composites.”
  • “A smaller brush would allow more precise application.”


Shield Force Plus™ is a one-component, light-cured desensitizer. It is indicated for the treatment of hypersensitive dentin and for the alleviation or prevention of tooth sensitivity after tooth preparation. The formulation contains resin in an ethanol solvent and a monomer that interacts with the calcium in the dentin. The liquid is a single component that is applied to the tooth with a brush, left for 10 seconds, air dried, and light cured for 10 seconds. Shield Force Plus™ is designed to infiltrate and seal exposed dentinal tubules to inhibit the flow of fluid through the tubules, while producing a coating that is intended to help prevent loss of dentin due to abrasion or erosion. Shield Force Plus™ is supplied in a 3 mL bottle with 25 applicators and a dispensing well. Shield Force Plus™ was evaluated by 19 consultants in 300 uses. It received a 97% clinical rating.

Clinical Observations


The Shield Force Plus™ materials are boxed simply with a package of applicator brushes, dispensing well and the bottle of desensitizer with easy-to-follow instructions. Shield Force Plus™ must be refrigerated when not in use. Consultants mentioned that the product would be more convenient if it could be stored at room temperature.


The plastic bottle neatly dispenses a drop of liquid into the well. Shield Force Plus™ has a light green tint, enhancing visibility in the well and on the applicator brush. The brush collects enough liquid to treat one or two teeth with the low viscosity resin forming a thin coating on the tooth.


Shield Force Plus™ applies evenly and coats the surface well. No scrubbing or agitation of the liquid on the dentin is necessary, and rinsing is not required. The air-drying step during the procedure can cause some discomfort to the patient. The color of the material is not visible when applied in a thin layer on the tooth. The clinical procedure is quick, about 30 seconds per tooth. When Shield Force Plus™ is used under composite restorations, apply on the dentin and light cure before any etchant or bonding agent is used. Care should be taken to avoid contact with the soft tissue. Use a minimal amount of liquid to avoid pooling in the gingival crevice or interproximal areas.


An immediate decrease in cervical sensitivity following treatment was reported by numerous consultants and patients were very pleased with the results. Shield Force Plus™ was rated excellent by the majority of users. Consultants are interested in monitoring the long-term effectiveness.



Eighty-four percent of consultants reported that Shield Force Plus™ was better than their current desensitizer. Ninety percent would switch to Shield Force Plus™ and 95% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Floss contacts to remove residual material.