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Perfect Desensitizer

B.J.M. Laboratories

Consultants’ Comments


  • “Desensitizes under composite and amalgam.”
  • “Easy to apply, not messy, and I like that it’s a single bottle.”
  • “It works most of the time.”
  • “Initial relief was good but seemed to wear off after about a week.”
  • “Effectiveness wears off especially with patients that brush rather vigorously.”
  • “The necessity to use a rubber dam is very inconvenient.”
  • “I had difficulty dealing with sensitive root structure while needing to use a rubber dam and avoid gingival contact. The instructions stress no contact with skin or mucosa.”

Evaluation Highlights

Perfect Desensitizer was evaluated by 29 consultants, with a total of 457 uses.

  • In-office use.
  • Easy dispensing and application.
  • Occludes dentinal tubules.
  • Immediate relief.
  • Requires use of a rubber dam.
  • Versatile – desensitizes cervical areas and teeth after preparation.

Unique Features

  • Can be used as a desensitizer under direct and indirect restorations, and on exposed cervical areas.
  • Contains HEMA and glutaraldehyde.


  • In-office desensitizer for exposed cervical areas.
  • In-office desensitizer for preparations prior to placement of direct and indirect restorations.


Perfect Desensitizer is an in-office topical desensitizing liquid that occludes the dentinal tubules. It is applied to a clean surface after first placing a rubber dam. After application, the liquid should be left on the surface undisturbed for 30 to 60 seconds, before gently drying it using compressed air from the air/water syringe tip. After drying, the area should be rinsed. Contact with skin, mucosa, pulpal tissue and eyes must be avoided. Perfect Desensitizer is available in 5 mL bottles, has a 24-month shelf life from the date of manufacture and requires refrigeration for storage.