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Sanctuary Powder Free Non Latex Dental Dam

Consultants’ Comments

  • “I love these dams. They do not tear, even when using large clamps.”
  • “More tear resistant than the non-latex dams I was using.”
  • “I was impressed with the ease of use and texture of this non-latex rubber dam. I was expecting something similar to other nitrile products I have used, but it handled very similarly to latex rubber dam.”
  • “This is the best rubber dam I have ever used.”
  • “Great handling, color and flavor.”
  • “The rubber dam sheets were almost a little too big for frame. Several times, I had to trim sheets back as they were loose.”

Clinical Tips

  • It’s best to use a template when punching the holes, especially with a large surface to work with (6×6 sheets rather than 5″x5″).
  • If you are having difficulty keeping it attached to a metal frame, use a plastic frame. It attaches nicely to a plastic frame.
  • Mark the punch sites ahead, and trim the corners of the sheet after placing it in the frame.
  • The sheet can be used to cut out the pattern and place it over immediate extraction/implant site with sutures prior to taking a VPS impression.

Evaluation Highlights

Sanctuary Powder Free Non Latex Dental Dam was evaluated by 29 consultants, with an average of 14 uses per consultant.

  • Easy to use and adapt, and great texture.
  • They stretch easily and are easy to fit on teeth.
  • Soft and flexible material, and the tear resistance is better than other rubber dams.
  • Great color, easy to place, tear resistant and latex-free.
  • Make it available in a 5″x5″ size.
  • Make it thicker and with more stretch to avoid it tearing.
  • A variety of thicknesses and sizes would be great.
  • Improve the packaging and leave out the white cardboard template.



  • Oral procedures requiring use of a rubber dam
  • All patients, including those with a known/undiagnosed allergy to latex


Unique Features

Sanctuary Powder Free Non Latex Dental Dam are pre-cut in 6″x6″ sheets. They are designed to have high tear resistance and good elasticity.


Sanctuary Powder Free Non Latex Dental Dam is fabricated using synthetic polyisoprene. It is 100% latex-free and non-toxic, eliminating the possibility of latex-related allergic reactions. This dental dam is also powder-free, mint scented and has a purple color for good contrast. Sanctuary Powder Free Non Latex Dental Dam is available in 6″x6″ sheets, packaged in 15-count boxes and 40 boxes per case.