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Hygenic Framed Flexi Dam

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “It was much easier to take radiographs and suction behind during my endodontic procedures than my normal rubber dam.”
  • “This is a great find! Easy to apply and a good color.”
  • “Excellent for quick isolation.”
  • “Difficult to punch holes in the middle.”
  • “A little more difficult to use when isolating second molars.”
  • “The built-in frame makes placing it very fast and easy.”

Unique Features

  • Non-latex and powder-free
  • Built-in flexible frame adds comfort and eliminates the need to fit a frame
  • Highly resistant to tearing
  • Elastic elongation nine times its original length
  • Odorless
  • Dam material has a smooth surface for patient comfort

Clinical Tips

  • Take advantage of the bendable shape to keep a wall of material under the nose to block water spray without blocking patient breathing ability.
  • Bend it a little bit to create more flexibility prior to positioning.
  • Place clamp on tooth first. The built-in frame makes placing dam with clamp attached more difficult.

Evaluation Highlights

Hygenic Framed Flexi Dam was evaluated by 30 consultants, with a total of 510 uses.

  • Flexible built-in frame allows for fast, easy placement
  • Stretchy, non-latex dam material
  • Tear resistant


  • Procedures for which use of a rubber dam is indicated





Hygenic Framed Flexi Dam has a “built-in” flexible frame, designed to fit comfortably around the oral cavity and to eliminate the time-consuming and technique-sensitive fitting of the frame. The smooth
surface of the plastic frame helps to maximize patient comfort when positioned on the skin. The dam material is highly elastic, allowing it to stretch to accommodate easy hole placement for posterior and anterior teeth.Hygenic Framed Flexi Dam has a workable area of 100 x 105 mm, is powder-free, and odorless. It is available in a medium gauge, non-reflective purple color. Hygenic Framed Flexi Dam is available in 20 ct. boxes.