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True Dental Dam

Clinician's Choice

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “This is probably the best dental dam I have ever used. I was very pleased with it.”
  • “It is extremely flexible and doesn’t tear when stretching it.”
  • “Easy to place and floss it through without the need for lubrication of the dam.”

Unique Features

The tear resistance of True™ Dental Dam was very good, and consultants found it performed at least as well as latex dams. Holes can be placed close together, as the material readily stretches. The surface smoothness allowed easy placement between teeth. The purple and blue colors were neutral and easy on the eyes. The few instances of tearing that occurred were during hole punching or initial placement Once in place, True™ Dental Dam was durable. The lightly powdered surface and smooth texture were reported to be comfortable to patients.





True™ Dental Dam is a latex-free dental dam formulated from synthetic polyisoprene (similar to natural rubber). According to the manufacturer, it is pre-cut and formulated to provide exceptional stretch, strength and tear-resistance while eliminating the potential for allergic reactions associated with latex products. True™ Dental Dam is available in purple and blue colors and is supplied in 5”x 5” and 6”x 6” square sheets, in both medium and heavy gauges. It is appropriate for all operative dentistry procedures. True™ Dental Dam was evaluated by 25 consultants in 468 uses. This non-latex dental dam received a 96% clinical rating.