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Blossom Latex Rubber Dental Dam

Mexpo International Inc.

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “Didn’t tear easily like other latex brands I’ve tried.”
  • “Much thinner than what we normally use and easier to place.”
  • “Seemed to have decreased elasticity.”
  • “Easy to form around rubber dam clamps without tearing.”
  • “I liked the smell.”

Unique Features

  • Pre-cut sheets of 6”x 6” or 5”x 5”
  • Light mint scented green sheets
  • High stretch
  • Tear resistant

Evaluation Highlights

Blossom Latex Rubber Dental Dam was evaluated by 13 consultants, with a total of 290 uses.

  • Thinner than the average dental dam
  • Highly stretchable yet tear resistant
  • Green features light mint scent





Blossom Latex Rubber Dental Dam is a pre-cut natural latex rubber dam that possesses high stretch while also being very tear resistant. Blossom Latex Rubber Dental Dam is available in: blue or green 5”x 5” with 52 sheets per box and blue or green 6”x 6” with 36 sheets per box. The green sheets also feature a light mint scent.