Sanctuary Powder-Free Latex Dental Dam

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Very similar in feel and handling to non-latex dam, but with better tear resistance.”
  • “A nice feel.”
  • “Even with large, winged clamps, there were no tears.”
  • “This is the closest I have seen to the non-latex dental dams that I have been using. The major advantage is that latex dams do not tear easily, as non-latex dams do. For my patients who do not have latex sensitivity, the Sanctuary Dental Dam is a great choice.”
  • “This is the best latex dam I have used.”
  • “Due to the thickness of material, it was sometimes hard to stretch over clamps.”

Clinical Tips

  • Use a non-latex product on patients with a known allergy to latex.
  • Lubricate the rubber dam at the holes prior to placement. It makes it easier to floss the dam between the teeth.

Unique Features

Sanctuary Dental Dam received very high ratings for tear resistance and durability. The medium gauge  am evaluated had a moderate amount of stretch and adapted well to the teeth, resulting in excellent isolation. Consultants and patients had little preference for the mint versus the unscented material. The blue and green colors provide good contrast to the teeth; colors were considered a bit bright by some consultants. Overall Sanctuary Dental Dam performed very well.



Sanctuary Dental Dam is a natural latex, pre-cut dam used as a barrier during endodontic and other dental procedures. It is powder-free and low protein, minimizing allergic reactions associated with latex. It is available in mint scent (green) or unscented (blue). Sanctuary Latex Dental Dams come in four gauges: light (0.14 mm), medium (0.18 mm), heavy (0.22 mm) and extra heavy (0.26 mm). The 5”x5” size comes in 52 sheets per box; the 6”x6” size contains 36 sheets per box. Sanctuary Dental Dam was evaluated by 22 consultants in 534 uses. This latex dental dam received a 90% clinical rating.