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Safe End Finishing Bur Kit

S.S. White Burs, Inc

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Good for finishing interproximal areas.”
  • “Great for smoothing cervical restorations and good for subgingival areas.”
  • “Thin tips enhance subgingival access.”
  • “After sterilization, the burs lose their sharpness.”
  • “The kit did not include all of the shapes I needed.”


The Safe End Finishing Bur Kit consists of 10 friction-grip, carbide finishing burs. The safety tips and the length of the pointed taper burs make this set of burs useful for finishing subgingival and interproximal composite margins, thereby minimizing damage to hard and soft tissue. The kit contains 10-fluted and 20-fluted carbides in five different sizes in a metal autoclavable bur block. Twenty-five consultants evaluated the Safe End Finishing Bur Kit in over 700 clinical cases. This product received an 86% clinical rating.

Product Features

The non-cutting tip of the Safe End Finishing Bur Kit allows for a nice finish of gingival margins. It is especially useful in removing excess composite in interproximal and cervical areas. Some finishing is necessary after using the 10-flute bur as it leaves a somewhat rough surface; the 20-flute bur leaves a smooth finish and may be utilized as a final step. The thin, blunted tips avoid gouging of soft tissue and cervical dentin. A number of consultants observed that after multiple uses the burs lose their cutting efficiency. Seventy-two percent of consultants rated Safe End Finishing Bur Kit equivalent to or better than the carbide finishing kit they were currently using. Thirty-six percent said they would switch to this kit, while 40% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Only a small amount of pressure is necessary to remove excess composite.
  • If used in an electric handpiece on a low setting, the bur is useful for removing composite overhangs.