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Prime Dent Nano-Hybrid Composite

Prime Dental Manufacturing, Inc.

Consultants’ Comments

  • “The kit is complete and includes a surface glaze which I use routinely.”
  • “The shades are slightly lighter when placed but match better after curing.”
  • “The composite is stiff but can be molded and is not sticky.”
  • “The opaque shade is very white and difficult to mask – use in a thin layer.”


Prime-Dent Nano-Hybrid Light Cure Composite is a highly polishable, Bis-GMA nano-hybrid composite. It is radiopaque, releases fluoride and is filled 74% by weight and 59% by volume with an average particle size of 7 nanometers. It is recommended for Class III and V restorations, for selected Class IV restorations, and for use in Class I restorations. It is available in 4.5-g syringes in all 16 Vita shades along with Incisal and Opaque shades. The kit evaluated contained one syringe each of shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5 B2, C1, and OP (Opaque) along with 7 ml of self-etch adhesive, 7 ml of Surface Sealant, 4-g syringe of 37% phosphoric acid, and accessories. Prime-Dent Nano-Hybrid Light Cure Composite was evaluated by eight consultants in 114 restorations. This product received a 94% clinical rating.


Product Features

The kit that was evaluated contained syringes of the Prime-Dent Nano-Hybrid Light Cure Composite, and the shades provided were sufficient for the majority of clinical cases. The stiffness of the composite makes dispensing from the syringe somewhat difficult; but the composite is easy to control during placement, is not sensitive to ambient light, and adapts well to cavity preparations. The material does not stick to the placement instruments and can be contoured to the desired shape before curing. The shade match after curing is consistent with the selected Vita shade. The composite was highly rated for blending with tooth structure, radiopacity, and ease of finishing. Prime-Dent Nano-Hybrid Light Cure Composite can be finished and polished to a high luster with conventional techniques. Eighty-six percent of the consultants rated Prime-Dent Nano-Hybrid Light Cure Composite equivalent to or better than the composite they were currently using, 71% would switch to Prime-Dent Nano-Hybrid Light Cure Composite and 86% would recommend it.