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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Nice esthetics and does not slump.”
  • “Able to establish good proximal contacts.”
  • “The opaque shades are very useful for blocking out underlying dark colors.”
  • “Shades are slightly opaque for anterior restorations; posteriors look great.”
  • “The shade guide breaks too easily.”
  • “Composite is too stiff with very little flow.”


Premise is a light-cured resin composite containing three different sized filler particles (tri-modal): prepolymerized fillers, 30-50 microns; barium glass, 0.4 microns; and silica nanoparticles, 0.02 microns. The total filler load is 69% by volume (84% by weight). The different sized particles are intended to optimize handling, strength and polish and to reduce polymerization shrinkage. The composite is suitable for anterior and posterior restorations with no complicated shading system or special polishing techniques. It is available in Master or Starter Kits with either unit dose or syringe delivery. The Master Kit contains 16 shades (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, C2, D2, XL1, XL2, Clear, Amber, Grey, A3 Opaque, A3.5 Opaque, A3 Packable, A3.5 Packable); Optibond Solo Plus; Optiguard; etchant; polishing kit with discs, points and cups; and accessories. Twenty-two consultants evaluated Premise in 596 clinical applications. This product received a 91% clinical rating.


Product Features

Premise is supplied in excellent packaging consisting of two individual plastic boxes, one containing the composite either in unit dose or syringes and the other containing the adhesive and accessories. Both kits are all-inclusive and complete for any anterior or posterior composite restorative procedure. The composite was judged as very good for handling, ability to sculpt and non-stickiness during placement. The shade match both before and after curing is consistent with the shade guide provided. Resulting restorations tend to be slightly opaque. Finishing and polishing can be readily accomplished with conventional composite polishing techniques. A sample polishing kit is also provided in the kits. Sixty-eight percent of the consultants rated Premise equivalent to or better than the composite they were currently using and 54% would recommend it.