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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Best electric handpiece I have used.”
  • “It was easy for our dental assistant to connect to the existing handpiece line.”
  • “Versatile; very easy to change from endo to restorative.”
  • “Very quiet.”
  • “Water shuts off immediately.”
  • “Add digital adjustment for water flow.”
  • “Make the light brighter.”


The NuTorque™ programmable electric handpiece system is lightweight and compact and is indicated for general dentistry procedures including crown preparation, cavity preparation, caries removal, finishing and polishing, and endodontic treatment. The system includes a NuTorque Control Unit with tubing, NuTorque motor (brushless), power supply with transformer, main cable, and manuals. Various attachments are available: high-speed attachment 1:5 (standard and mini head), slow-speed attachment 1:1 (friction grip, latch, straight), and endo attachment 16:1 latch. The speed range is up to 200,000 rpm with torque control ranging from 0.1 to 3.0 Ncm and capabilities of 384 Ncm. The handpiece has 360 degree rotational attachments. The customizable touch screen display includes numerous useful options, such as three operative memory presets and five endo memory pre-sets for common procedures. An automated endo-mode safety feature includes auto-reverse, auto-reverse forward and auto-forward stop. NuTorque was evaluated by 11 clinical consultants in 1380 uses. This handpiece received a 97% clinical rating.

Equipment Features

Consultants reported that the NuTorque electric handpiece system was easy to integrate into clinical use. The operative pre-set programs were effective for caries removal, cavity preparation, crown preparation and finishing and polishing. When desired, the settings were easily changed on the touch screen of the control unit. Attachments were quickly changed by simply snapping them on and off of the motor. Light output from the fiberoptics, as well as the tapering neck and gentle angle, make access and visibility about as good as it gets. The effectiveness and usefulness of different endo auto reverse features were highly rated. The lightweight titanium housings on the NuTorque attachments have a good grip and are well balanced with the motor. The most used attachments were Electric 1:5 and Electric 1:1 FG. Fifty-four percent of consultants reported that NuTorque was better than their usual handpiece. Overall, 73% would switch to it and 91% would recommend NuTorque to their colleagues.

Clinical Tips

  • Motor and attachments are autoclavable.
  • Try the pre-sets before changing them.
  • Use finger (no instruments) on the touch screen.
  • Do not use if patient has a pacemaker.