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ELECTROmatic Premium

ELECTROmatic Premium+top

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “I love being able to adjust speed.”
  • “The automatic calibration using my existing system’s air pressure worked out beautifully.”
  • “The SMARTdrive sensor-less control is a plus.”
  • “I liked it for adjusting temps.”
  • “I prefer controlling water spray from the rheostat rather than a switch.”
  • “Heavier than what I am used to.”


  • Any dental procedures requiring the use of a handpiece system capable of high-speed, low-speed, or endodontic applications

Clinical Tips

  • The option to lower speed is great when finishing margins.
  • The handpiece requires a softer touch, so ‘go light’ when first using.



The ELECTROmatic is available in three models. All feature SMARTdrive sensor-less control, which allows for high torque even at low speed ranges:

ELECTROmatic Premium (evaluated)

  • 4.3” TFT color touch screen display
  • Available with one or two motors to switch between high and low-speed functions
  • Up to five speed memory presets in prep mode
  • Integrated endo function with pre-programmed file systems to make it easy to plan and customize your endodontic sequence
  • Speed adjustable with slider on display
  • Pairs with KaVo MASTERmatic attachments

ELECTROmatic Plus

  • LCD-color display
  • 3 speed programs
  • Easy program and change of individual speed settings
  • Forward/reverse option
  • Pairs with KaVo MASTERmatic or EXPERTmatic attachments


  • Dynamic speed regulation for constant bur speed regardless of variable incoming air pressure
  • Integrated water filter
  • Pairs with KaVo COMFORTdrive 200 XDR handpiece