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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Patients commented on the high tech nature of iOptima.”
  • “I’m not an iPod user, but this was intuitive.”
  • “The pre-programmed settings make this system unique and user friendly.”
  • “Handpiece runs quietly and smoothly.”
  • “A larger screen would be easier to see and navigate.”
  • “There was no setting for reciprocating endo files.”

Clinical Tip

  • Use a clear plastic barrier over the surface of the iPod to avoid damage from disinfectant wipes.


The iOptima is an Apple iPod interface that allows the operator to convert their dental unit to an electric handpiece system. The iOptima app must be downloaded from iTunes and contains pre-programmed restorative and endodontic procedures. Auto-reverse and auto-forward functions, coupled with speed and torque control specific to file manufacturers are features of the endodontic mode. All settings are customizable, allowing the user to create and configure their own procedures. The system can be installed by the user in the office. A mounting bracket is provided or the console can set anywhere that allows easy access. The iOptima kit includes:

  • 1 iOptima Control Unit
  • 1 MX2 Micromotor
  • 1 MX2 hose
  • 1 Transformer
  • 1 iPod Touch, 16GB

iOptima was evaluated by 14 consultants over a 90-day period. This electric handpiece system received a 91% clinical rating.

Equipment Features
provides an interface that is familiar to iPod users. Controls are simple and intuitive, and the software will receive automatic updates. Installation can be performed by office staff, converting any delivery unit into an electric handpiece system. The console (docking station) is a sleek, attractive unit that continuously charges the iPod and holds it at an angle that is easy to see and reach during procedures. A wide selection of pre-programmed settings is appropriate for most restorative procedures. Options such as speed, direction of rotation and torque can quickly be adjusted during the procedure. Users would have liked an option for control of water spray. Using one system for high-speed/low-speed/endodontic procedures requires frequent switching of programs and handpiece attachments.

Suggested Retail Cost