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Nuance Universal Composite

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Nice consistency – easy to work with.”
  • “Chameleon effect – ability to blend well with surrounding tooth.”
  • “Nice shade matching.”
  • “Packaging makes it easy to organize.”
  • “Tends to slump a little – especially with anterior teeth.”


Nuance Universal Composite is a light-cured nanohybrid-composite resin designed for anterior and posterior restorations. It is designed to be translucent when thin and opaque when thick to allow one body shade to be used for the entire restoration with natural-looking results. Nuance Universal Composite contains proprietary multi-faceted fillers that reflect and refract light, mimicking the opacity, translucency, and optical characteristics of natural tooth structure. Nuance Universal Composite is designed to have a pliable, buttery consistency that extrudes easily from the syringe and is easy to spread and shape without sticking to the composite instrument. Nuance Universal Composite is supplied in a 4 g syringe with a flip-top cap and color-coded shade identification. The syringe provides an audible and tactile click for unit-dose dispensing. Nuance Universal Composite is also available in 0.25 g singules. Nuance Universal Composite is available in 17 shades: (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B1, B2, B3, C3, BLX, BL, OA2, OA3, OA4, Enamel Grey, Enamel Yellow, and Translucent). Nuance Universal Composite was evaluated by 31 consultants in 913 uses. It received an 89% rating.

Product Features

Nuance Universal Composite received good ratings for syringe design and ease of dispensing material from the syringe. The syringe opening has a large diameter that can lead to wasted material if only a small amount is needed; however, the manufacturer recommends using a sterilized instrument to scoop out the material needed (or use a unit dose singule), rather than dispensing, to avoid any waste. During placement, the material is very creamy and offers little resistance to packing. After light curing, restorations had excellent esthetics, with a good balance of translucency and opacity. Nuance Universal Composite is easy to finish. The quality of the final polish was very good. Twenty-three percent of consultants reported that Nuance Universal Composite was better than their current universal composite, whereas 42% reported it was equivalent. Forty-five percent would switch to Nuance Universal Composite and 74% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Place a small amount of flowable composite as a base to enhance the adaptation of the composite to the prepared tooth surface.
  • If extended working time is necessary, shield the operatory light to prevent setting of composite.