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NOVAPRO Fill Universal

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Great working properties. It is easy to place and sculpt, and it doesn’t stick to instruments.”
  • “Beautiful esthetics and a good chameleon effect. It blends well with the adjacent enamel.”
  • “Great for building up missing tooth structure, such as areas with abfractions or a lot of erosion, or if you need a composite that will withstand occlusal trauma/bruxing.”
  • “Excellent strength and hardness.”
  • “One of the best filling materials I’ve used.”
  • “I found it to slump a bit during sculpting, and it was tough to get sharp anatomy unless you moved quickly.”
  • “Easy to dispense from the syringes, but difficult to extrude from the compules.”
  • “Sensitive to ambient light, which made it polymerize prematurely.”
  • “I would prefer it be slightly creamier and thinner for ease of placement.”
  • “I would be happy with fewer shades.”
  • “Make the compules with 0.4 g of composite – I had to use more than one compule for larger restorations.”

Clinical Tips

  • Use the syringe for easy dispensing.
  • Use a composite warmer for compules to make the dispensing easier.
  • Make your own custom shade tabs if you find the match to traditional Vita-Master or 3D shade guides is slightly off.
  • Work quickly and in smaller increments to achieve the best anatomical results.
  • Reduce ambient light exposure for more working time.

Evaluation Highlights

NOVAPRO Fill Universal was evaluated by 35 consultants, with an average of 23 uses per consultant.

  • Non-tacky, smooth creamy handling, and does not stick to instruments.
  • Easy dispensing from syringes.
  • Easy to pack and sculpt.
  • Large range of shades.
  • Excellent strength.
  • Finishes nicely.
  • Excellent esthetics.
  • Good radiopacity.


NOVAPRO Fill Universal is a radiopaque, nanofiber-reinforced, nano-hybrid universal composite. It offers flexural and compressive strengths of 160 MPa and 400 MPA, respectively, and low water sorption. The cure time with halogen or LED light (minimum 400 mW/cm2) is 20 seconds, and the composite can be cured in 2 mm increments. NOVAPRO Fill Universal is an esthetic restorative material with a chameleon effect, high gloss and stain resistance. It is available in 4 g syringes and 0.2 g compules, with a choice of 24 shades including standard Vita shades, OA shades 2/3/3.5, OB shades 2/3, and incisal, white, extra white, and bleach white. NOVAPRO Fill Universal can be kept at room temperature for two years, and refrigeration further prolongs its shelf life.


  • Class I through V direct restorations
  • Inlays, onlays and veneers
  • Core build-ups
  • Splinting

Unique Features

NOVAPRO Fill Universal offers calcium phosphate nanofiber reinforcement, with a high compressive and flexural strength. Eighty percent of the material is cured after 10 seconds.