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Nic Tone Natural Rubber Latex Dental Dam

Consultants’ Comments

  • “I like this latex dental dam better than any I have used.”
  • “Achieving a seal around the teeth and good isolation is routine with this rubber dam.”
  • “The thin separator sheet helps prevent smudging when we stamp the rubber dam to mark full-arch punch hole locations.”
  • “I liked the thickness and the color of the rubber dam.”
  • “This dam was strong and tear-resistant.”
  • “Every clinician should try this rubber dam.”

Clinical Tips

  • Use the 5” x 5” size, it requires less cutting of the dam than the 6” x 6” and reduces unwanted covering of the nose.
  • Punch larger holes than you think you need.

Evaluation Highlights

Nic Tone Natural Rubber Latex Dental Dams was evaluated by our consultants, with an average of 27 uses per consultant.

  • Easy to use.
  • Great tear resistance.
  • Adapts well to the teeth.
  • Colors offer excellent contrast – good for photography.
  • Mint scent/flavor is pleasant.


Nic Tone Natural Rubber Latex Dental Dam is a pre-cut latex rubber dam that contains a low level of powder and proteins and offers excellent tear resistance. Thin, medium and heavy gauges are available in color-contrasting blue or green. Nic Tone Natural Rubber Latex Dental Dam is delivered in two sizes, 5”x5” with 52 sheets per box, and 6”x6” with 36 sheets per box.


  • Procedures requiring use of a rubber dam.
  • Suitable when the patient/clinician/assistant does not have an allergy/sensitivity to latex.

Unique Feature

Nic Tone Natural Rubber Latex Dental Dam stretches up to 800% before tearing.