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MX2 Micro-Series

Bien-Air USA, Inc

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Illumination was super – very bright.”
  • “Many programs available and they can be customized.”


The MX2 Micro-Series is an electric handpiece system that is shorter and lighter than other models. The MX2 LED Micromotor combined with the new Micro-Series handpieces provides a unit which is purported to be 30% shorter and 23% lighter.  The motor connects to the Optima MX2 control unit that features adjustable intensity LED light, a speed range from 100-40,000 rpm, and a touchpad console for precise selection of motor speed, rotation direction and torque. The unit offers an auto-reverse setting, ideal for endodontic applications. This system will connect to any existing dental unit and uses an existing foot control to regulate motor speed. The Optima MX2 INT Pro system has a total of 20 programs (10 preset and 10 customizable) in the Operative mode. It also contains a separate Endo mode, which also has a total of 20 programs (10 preset and 10 customizable). The Optima MX2 INT Pro system allows for customized programming of motor torque (Ncm), speed (rpm), and handpiece gear ratio settings in Operative and Endo programs. The MX2 LED micromotor is brushless and contains lifetime-lubricated ball bearings, allowing it to be a fully sterilizable, maintenance-free product. The motor is air cooled, includes internal water spray and is compatible with any E-type high- or low-speed handpiece. The Micro-Series CA 1:5 L and CA 1:1 L attachments both feature ACCU-CHUCK (bur locking); ACCU-SPRAY – six separate air and water nozzles to air disperse the water to a highly precise point before contact with the bur; SOFT-PUSH and COOL-TOUCH push button bur change mechanism with an anti-heating safety system; as well as DUAL-LOOK – two glass fiber rods that provide an enveloping, non-dazzling light. The system includes the MX2 Micromotor and swivel tubing, DMX2 control board, MX2 INT Pro Touchpad, power supply, operators manual, and product literature.  The Micro-Series CA 1.5 L and CA 1.1 L attachment are sold separately. MX2 Micro-Series was evaluated by five consultants in 1200 uses. It received a 96% clinical rating.

Product Features

MX2 Micro-Series micromotor nose is approximately 10 mm shorter than a standard motor; therefore, shorter handpiece attachments can be used. TThe attachments firmly snap on and off of the motor with a positive seat. Balance of the handpiece is very good, and the lighter weight is a positive feature. The bright LEDs provide excellent illumination, and the water spray keeps the working area clear of debris. The pre-set and customizable programs provide many options.  Sixty percent of consultants reported that MX2 Micro-Series was better than their current electric handpiece system and 20% reported it was equivalent. Twenty percent would switch to MX2 Micro-Series and 60% would recommend it.