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MI Paste

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MI Paste is a water-based topical paste containing a patented bioavailable calcium and phosphate combination called Recaldent. It is for use in the dental office or may be dispensed to patients for use at home. When applied to the oral environment in the presence of saliva, the manufacturer reports that it binds to biofilms, plaque, bacteria, hydroxyapatite, and soft tissues, localizing the bioavailable calcium and phosphate. This mechanism in turn assists in inhibiting demineralization and promoting remineralization by releasing calcium and phosphate under acid challenge and helps facilitate the immediate sealing of dentinal tubules. Indications for use include highcaries risk individuals such as orthodontic patients and those with xerostomia as well as patients who experience sensitivity as the result of recession, scaling and root planing and bleaching. MI Paste may be applied with a prophy cup following routine prophylaxis or at home in a custom tray or with a fingertip. The patient is advised not to eat or drink for 30 minutes after use. The 40-g tube of MI Paste is available through the dental professional in five flavors (Strawberry, Melon, Vanilla, Mint, and Tutti-Frutti). Twelve editors used PROSPEC MI Paste on over 100 patients during the six-week evaluation period.


Editors’ Observations

Manufacturer’s Instructions
The description and instructions for use are very clear. Patients and clinicians reported the material was easy to use and were encouraged by the possibility of remineralization and caries prevention.


The viscosity of the material is excellent for direct application with a finger or toothbrush or for use in a custom tray. MI Paste flows into embrasures and interproximal areas, thoroughly coating the surfaces. The material is easily contained in the custom trays. A more viscous material would be preferred for use as a prophy paste for polishing during hygiene appointments.

Patient Perception of Flavor
The availability of several flavors and pleasant taste increased patient acceptance and compliance.

Efficacy in Reducing Sensitivity
Many patients with a history of generalized tooth sensitivity indicated a reduction in discomfort after seven days of use. Most who used MI Paste immediately following in-office bleaching and during home tooth whitening reported a reduction in sensitivity.

Ease of Use as a Polishing Paste
The low viscosity of MI Paste, as compared to traditional prophy paste, creates more splatter during application with a prophy cup. The smooth texture of MI Paste is less effective in removing stain. Hygienists found it most efficient to apply with a toothbrush following use of a regular prophy paste.

Ease of Rinsing
The material is designed to adhere to tooth and tissues; therefore, more vigorous rinsing is necessary to remove excess. Neither patients nor clinicians found it to be too tenacious.