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Iperbond Ultra

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Surface was glossy after one application.”
  • “The self-curing option is nice.”
  • “Low film thickness.”
  • “No post-operative sensitivity.”
  • “One of the best priced bonding agents available.”


Iperbond Ultra is a single-component, light-cured, universal bonding agent that can be used as a self-etching product or with a phosphoric acid etchant for adhesive restorative techniques. When combined with Iperbond Ultra Activator, it can be used with chemically cured materials. Iperbond Ultra is indicated for adhesive bond of composite to enamel and dentin, ceramics and metal, as well as for dentin sealing. Application instructions for self-etch mode include scrubbing the adhesive into the tooth for 20 seconds, air drying, and then light curing for 20 seconds. If a phosphoric acid etch is used, an additional coat of Iperbond Ultra is required. Iperbond Ultra is available in a 5 mL dropper bottle. Iperbond Ultra was evaluated by 22 consultants in 516 uses. This universal bonding agent received a 91% clinical rating

Product Features

Iperbond Ultra is a versatile adhesive. Consultants liked having the choice between phosphoric acid etching or self-etching. The option of adding the activator for use with dual- or self-curing composites enhances the usefulness of this product. The ethanol/water solvents in Iperbond Ultra are easy to evaporate from the tooth surfaces, and the low viscosity coats the tooth evenly without pooling. Having one adhesive that can bond to all substrates was a key feature for consultants who evaluated Iperbond Ultra.

Product Features:

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