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iBOND® Universal

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Easy to use with confidence.”
  • “No more sticky bottles.”
  • “Viscosity is perfect.”
  • “Storage at room temperature is convenient.”
  • “Works well for desensitizing root surfaces.”
  • “Versatile material. It handles all of my bonding needs.”
  • “Light yellow color.”

Clinical Tips

  • Apply more pressure on the bottle for a larger drop and less pressure for a smaller drop.
  • To bond and repair silica-based ceramics, apply iBOND Ceramic Primer to the ceramic prior to placing the adhesive.
  • For uncut enamel, etch with phosphoric acid before applying iBOND Universal.
  • For direct restorations, scrub adhesive into the preparation for 20 seconds, dry, and light cure 10 seconds.


iBOND Universal is an 8th-generation universal bonding agent. This light-cured adhesive is compatible with self-etch, total-etch or selective etch techniques. iBOND Universal enables bonding of composite materials, precious metals, non-precious metals, zirconia and silicate ceramic and is compatible with light-cure, dual-cure and self-cure materials without the need for a dual-cure activator. iBOND Universal offers easy and precise application and the ability to intraorally restore fractures and chips as an effective, economical and efficient alternative to replacement. Restorations with zirconia, precious and non-precious alloys and composites can be repaired intraorally. The iBOND Universal bottle has a new drop-control dispenser that allows clinicians to apply just as much or as little bonding agent as needed. The notched bottle design prevents unwanted waste and mess, allowing for an efficient and controlled application, with up to 220 drops per bottle. iBOND Universal was evaluated by 32 consultants in 814 uses. This universal bonding agent received a 98% clinical rating.

Product Features

iBOND Universal offers excellent bond strength with clinical ease of use. The viscosity is ideal for wetting the tooth without pooling, leaving a low film thickness. The acetone solvent evaporates quickly when air is applied to the treated tooth, leaving a mild odor. The new dropper bottle allows dispensing smaller drops, preventing wasted material. The shape of the nozzle prevents drips, keeping the bottle neat and clean. The ability to use iBOND Universal with self- and dual-curing composites and cements adds to the versatility of this product. The only additional material needed is iBOND Ceramic Primer when bonding to ceramics. Having one adhesive for use with all restorative materials simplifies the armamentarium and contributes to clinical success.

iBOND Universal, bond strength in self-etching mode



32 MPa

23 MPa


Suggested Retail Cost

$134.17 / 4 mL bottle