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Great White Ultra Crown and Bridge Preparation Kit

S.S. White Burs, Inc

Consultants’ Comments

  • “New burs are excellent at cutting.”
  • “Include more than one occlusal reduction bur.”
  • “Widen the range of shapes included in the kit – it would be nice to have a narrower interproximal bur, along with short shank lengths for posterior teeth.”


Great White Ultra Crown and Bridge Preparation Kit contains carbide burs in a selection of the most popular shapes – chamfer, shoulder, and occlusal reduction. The 11 burs are housed in an autoclavable bur block, and include:

  • 2 – GWU 856-016
  • 2 – GWU 856-018
  • 2 – GWU 856-020
  • 2 – GWU 847-016
  • 2 – GWU 847-018
  • 1 – GWU 379-023

The burs are specifically designed for crown and bridge preparation and to cut through and prepare all restorative materials with great efficiency. Six additional shapes/sizes are also offered as well as short shanks but were not included in the kit evaluated. The dentated carbide surface is designed to minimize clogging of the bur during bulk reduction of tooth structure and the tip of the bur is intended to leave an impression ready margin finish. Twenty-six consultants evaluated the Great White Ultra Crown and Bridge Preparation Kit in over 250 crown and bridge preparations during a three-month period. This product received an 87% clinical rating.

Product Features

Consultants noted that the presentation of

Great White Ultra Crown and Bridge Preparation Kit burs in the autoclavable bur block is a great convenience and provides good organization. The fit of the burs in the handpiece is good, with consultants noting no chattering or vibration during operation. The cutting efficiency of the burs was judged to be excellent during their first use, with consultants commenting on how quickly tooth structure and old amalgam were removed; however, some consultants also observed a decrease in the cutting efficiency of the bur after sterilization. Great White Ultra burs are effective for shoulder preparations with crisp margins. The ability to produce a proper bevel or chamfer margin was limited by the selection of bur shapes provided in the kit. Often the axial walls of the prepared tooth surface were rough and needed to be refined with a fine diamond to create a smooth surface. Fifty-two percent of consultants found the Great White Ultra Crown and Bridge Preparation Kit to be equivalent to or better than their current crown and bridge burs, while 50% would switch to and recommend them to colleagues.

Clinical Tips

  • Use a feather touch with light pressure – too much pressure can cause gouging of the tooth surface.
  • If using an electric handpiece, operate at slower speeds than you would with diamond burs.