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Great White No 2

S.S. White Burs, Inc


Great White No. 2 is a rounded-end fissure bur designed for removal of existing restorations. About the size of a 558 bur, Great White No. 2 is useful in cutting through amalgam, gold alloy and porcelain restorations. Consultants used the bur to remove about 500 amalgam, 200 composite, 95 gold, and 130 PFM restorations.

Great White No. 2 dental burs are highly recommended for the efficient removal of old restorations. The bur received a 91% approval rating.

Product Features

Consultants rated Great White No. 2 excellent for initial sharpness, cutting efficiency through amalgam and gold alloys, and overall quality and consistency. They were positive about the size of the bur, the cutting efficiency through porcelain and non-noble alloys, and the maintenance of its cutting edge. Consultants said the bur was much quicker for amalgam removal and more effective in removing PFM crowns than a #2 round bur, and resulted in less vibration, great with metals, had a good feel when cutting, and needed only a soft touch. One consultant noted “it cut through amalgams like butter.” When asked if they would purchase this bur at list price, consultants responded positively 4 to 1.

Clinical Tips

  • A smaller version of the bur, Great White No. 1, is available.
  • The useful service life of the Great White No. 2 bur is dependent on the hardness of the material being removed. The harder the alloy, the quicker the bur will become dull.