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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Easy to dispense and place.”
  • “Good radiopacity.”
  • “The material has an excellent, non-sticky consistency.”
  • “Heavy viscosity packs and sculpts well.”
  • “Good shade match and final esthetics.”
  • “I prefer a more translucent body shade.”
  • “The unit-dose capsule has a wide tip.”
  • “Make the packaging sturdier.”


GrandioSO is a light-curing, radiopaque nano-hybrid composite. It is indicated for Class I-V restorations, cosmetic restorations, splinting of loose teeth, repairing veneers, restoration of primary teeth, core build-ups, and composite inlays. GrandioSO is available in shades A1, A2, A3, VC A3.25, A3.5, A4, VC A5, B1, B2, B3, C2, D3 OA1, OA2, OA3.5, and Bleach (BL) in syringes and single dose capsules. The composite is compatible with all light-cured bonding agents. Curing times vary with shade selection. The kit evaluated contains 80, 0.25 g caps, 16 each in shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5 and B1; shade guide; product literature; manufacturer instructions; and MSDS. GrandioSO was evaluated by 31 consultants in 1054 uses. It received a 96% clinical rating.

Product Features

GrandioSO composite is easy to dispense and place. It has a viscosity that is heavy enough to be packable and is suitable for both anterior and posterior restorations. Shade matching and final esthetics are very good. The opacity of the cured composite is beneficial for masking stained dentin, yet blends well with the surrounding enamel. Shade A3.25 was useful for the cases in which a patient’s shade was between A3 and A3.5. The quality of the final polish was rated excellent. Fifty-five percent of consultants reported that GrandioSO was better than their current universal resin composite and 35% reported that it was equivalent. Eighty-one percent would switch to GrandioSO and 90% would recommend it.