GrandiO Seal

Consultants’ Comments

  • “This system is very easy to use.”
  • “Low viscosity sealant flows well into pits and fissures.”
  • “Use narrower tips for sealant application for more precise placement.”
  • “The kit should include disposable etchant tips.”


GrandiO Seal is a light-cured, nano-filled, pit and fissure sealant. The sealant is designed to provide good flowability for deep penetration of pits and fissures and to have strong enamel bonding. Wear resistance is obtained through a high filler particle load of 70% by weight. GrandiO Seal comes in a white shade and should be applied in a dry field. Each kit contains one syringe of 34.5% phosphoric acid etching gel with ten long placement tips, and five, 1.8-g syringes of sealant with disposable placement tips. Curing time is 15-30 seconds with a halogen or LED light. GrandiO Seal was evaluated by 26 clinical consultants in over 570 applications. This product received a 92% clinical rating.

Product Features

The packaging and instructions for use of GrandiO Seal were ranked highly by consultants. The sealant is easy to dispense and apply. The low viscosity material flows well into pits and fissures. Simplicity of adjustment and identification of the material on the teeth was also received very favorably. The white color of the sealant is distinct on natural teeth. The long etchant tip provided in the kit has the appearance of an anesthetic needle and caused a negative response from some patients. Seventy-seven percent of consultants rated GrandiO Seal equivalent to or better than their current product, and 95% percent would recommend it to colleagues.Editors’ Note: Smaller disposable tips for the etchant are available as a separate refill pack.