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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Precise placement means less adjustment.”
  • “Good flow into pits and grooves.”
  • “No etching or rinsing.”
  • “Quickest sealant procedure ever!”
  • “A primer that does not require refrigeration would be more convenient.”


BeautiSealant is a fluoride-recharging pit and fissure sealant.  It is BPA-and HEMA-free and incorporates Giomer technology. The manufacturer states that Giomer have been shown to slow demineralization, promote remineralization, provide fluoride uptake, neutralize acid, and decrease cariogenic bacteria production. BeautiSealant is indicated for the preventive sealing of pits and fissures in the primary and secondary dentition. A self-etching primer is provided and eliminates the need for phosphoric acid etchant. The primer contains acidic monomers in an acetone/water solvent. BeautiSealant cures in 20 seconds with a halogen light unit and in 10 seconds with an LED light-curing unit and is available in a white shade. BeautiSealant kit contains 1.2g syringe of sealant (estimated by manufacturer to seal up to 100 teeth), 3
mL bottle of primer, 15 needle tips, 50 brushes, and 25 V-dishes. BeautiSealant was evaluated by 19 consultants in over 400 uses and earned a 94% clinical rating.

Clinical Observations

Written instructions clearly outline the clinical procedure for placement of BeautiSealant. Shofu’s website off ers in-depth information on their Giomer materials. All necessary components for sealant placement are packaged in the kit. The requirement for refrigeration of the primer was considered an inconvenience, and it
separated that component from the rest of the kit.

Delivery System
The BeautiSealant syringe is easy to handle and dispenses the material without dripping or oozing. The narrow, 27-gauge tips allow precise placement of sealant into the grooves, and the tip can be used to spread the material without using a separate instrument. The primer’s simple plastic bottle provides drop-by-drop dispensing
of the liquid onto the deep, narrow wells provided in the kit.

Application of BeautiSealant involves a few short steps. Primer is applied to the tooth for five seconds and air dried; sealant is applied and light cured for 10-20 seconds. This quick procedure with no rinsing was considered a great benefit for treating pediatric patients. The low-viscosity sealant flows well into pits and fissures.

Curing Time
Curing time for BeautiSealant was considered standard for halogen lights. The quicker time with high-powered LED lights is a positive feature.

The white color is opaque and is visible on the tooth surface. The majority of consultants preferred an opaque sealant, but some would like a transparent option, especially for use in adult patients. The radiopacity of the sealant material is an added benefit.

BeautiSealant flows well and wets the primed tooth surface,resulting in very good adaptation and smooth margins.

No clinical failures were noted during the evaluation period. Consultants commonly used sealants with phosphoric acid etchant, and they expressed interest in confirming the long-term retention results of BeautiSealant were competitive with acid etched
sealants. Laboratory testing by THE DENTAL ADVISOR found that BeautiSealant had a shear bond strength of 19.0 MPa to unground enamel and 23.4 MPa to ground enamel. Bond strength in excess of 18 MPa is considered desirable.


BeautiSealant is easy to use and eliminates the need for phosphoric acid etching and rinsing. Seventy-four percent of consultants rated it better than other pit-and-fi ssure sealants they had used and 26% rated it equivalent. Ninety percent would switch
to BeautiSealant and 84% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Ensure that the enamel surface is clean before application.

  • Maintain a dry field through common isolation techniques.

  • Thoroughly coat enamel surfaces to be sealed with primer.