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GrandiO (3 yr)

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Composite handles nicely for anterior and posterior placement.”
  • “Restorations look great – many are undetectable.”
  • “A very good universal composite.”


GrandiO is a nano-hybrid resin composite for universal restorative use. This composite is filled 87% by weight (71.4% by volume) and is compatible with any bonding agent. Light-curing time for 2-mm increments is 20 seconds with a halogen or LED light. GrandiO is available in unit-dose capsules and syringes in 12 Vita shades plus bleach, incisal, and two opaque shades. This product received a 96% clinical rating.

Clinical Evaluation Protocol

  • Fifty-three patients with 101 restorations were evaluated for clinical performance at three years

  • Recalled restorations included 90 posterior and 11 anterior restorations (See Figure 1)

  • Categories were rated on a 1-5 scale:
    1 = poor, 2 = fair, 3 = good, 4 = very good, 5 = excellent.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Clinical Observations

Resistance to Fracture/Chipping
No chips or fractures were noted for 94% of the GrandiO restorations during the third year of evaluation. The chips that occurred were minor, requiring only slight recontouring or refinishing. No bulk fractures were seen. This low fracture rate has been consistent over the three years of recall.

Shade Match/Esthetics
All restorations recalled were placed using a single shade rather than with a layering technique. GrandiO restorations blend very well with the surrounding tooth structure and have a good balance of translucency and opacity. The color stability of the shades has been very good. Only one posterior restoration was noted to be slightly yellow at three years. Five restorations were noted to have a rough or grainy surface texture. Overall, the appearance of the restorations was rated very good to excellent.

Marginal Discoloration
Marginal discoloration, or microleakage, can be influenced by factors such as the restorative material, finishing procedures, bonding agent, and bonding technique. A variety of bonding agents were used during placement of GrandiO restorations. Ninety-five percent of restorations showed no marginal staining at three years.

Wear Resistance
All of the restorations were rated very good to excellent for wear resistance. Ninety-four percent of restorations exhibited no visible signs of wear. The grainy texture of a few restorations may be due to surface wear.


GrandiO is a resin composite that handles very well, sculpts easily, and can be packed into proximal boxes. It is simple to use with a single shade rather than with layering of shades as some other systems require. The results over three years have been exceptional. Many of the restorations blend so well that they are hard to detect. The only negative that was noted over the three-year period was a rough surface in a small percentage of restorations.