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GRADIA DIRECT (abridged)

GC America, Inc


GRADIA DIRECT is a microhybrid resin composite for anterior and posterior use. The complete direct restoration system features 26 shades in both unit-dose capsules and syringes. Different formulations exist for anterior and posterior use. Posterior shades are radiopaque and have a heavier body for packing in interproximal areas. Anterior shades are radiolucent, have a creamy consistency, and emphasize esthetics and the reflective quality of the material. Standard shades alone are adequate for use in the majority of restorations. In cases of complex esthetic restorations, special “Inside” (opaque) and “Outside” (translucent) shades are provided. Shades available include:

  • Standard Vita shades – 11 anterior and four posterior
  • Outside shades – six anterior and two posterior<lt;LI>Inside shades – three anterior

The complete kit includes 26, 2.7-g syringes or 106, 0.16-ml unit-dose capsules of composite with a shade guide. This product received a 98% clinical rating.


Editors’ Note: The original evaluation was published in Vol. 23, No. 1, January/February 2006.THE DENTAL ADVISOR,