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GLO Science Professional Dual Whitening System

GLO Science

Consultants’ Comments

  • Great results.”
  • “Easy to use and apply in-office.”
  • “My patients experienced no sensitivity and we liked that  no impressions were needed.”
  • “Patients thought the light was cool and they liked that they could take it home.”
  • “The perceived extra value to the patient of the take-home kit is awesome.”
  • “The accessories in the kit made things a lot nicer – lip balm, mouthpiece and the  gingival barrier material – the package was complete.”
  • “I would like a mouthpiece that extends further back.”
  • “The barrier material did not stay in place well and was sticky on teeth.”
  • “My patients had some sensitivity and discomfort.”
  • “Shade improvements were good – better after using the take-home kit.”

Clinical Tips

Keep a GLO control on the dock charger so you are ready for in office whitening all the time. Make sure to fully charge the unit before use – it takes up to 4 hours to charge.
  • Make sure the gingiva is dry before you place the gingival barrier material.
  • Block out and light cure small portions at a time.

Evaluation Highlights

GLO Pro Chairside Kit and GLO Pro Take-Home Kits were evaluated  by 21 consultants.
  • Effective.
  • Easy to use.
  • Complete kit.
  • Take-Home Kit and mouthpiece for continued whitening by patient at home.
  • In-office version requires use of gingival barrier material

Unique Features

  • Patented universally sized mouthpiece featuring GLO warming heat and light to activate and accelerate formulation.
  • Does not require impressions or trays.
  • Results in one visit.
  • Fast results, less chairtime (24-32 minute treatment time).
  • Devices are mobile and don’t take up any space in the operatory, so every hygiene room can become a whitening room.
  • Little to no sensitivity.
  • Patient goes home with the same technology used in the dental office to stabilize and maintain their whitening results.
  • Easy to use and high patient compliance.


  • In-office tooth whitening to treat intrinsic and extrinsic dental stain.
  • At-home tooth whitening to treat intrinsic and extrinsic dental stain.


GLO Science provides a dual teeth-whitening system consisting of an in-office treatment and take home kit, providing the patient with the same patented technology used in the practice for continued whitening and maintenance at home. GLO Science Professional Chairside Kit includes a patented universally sized mouthpiece, patented lip and cheek retractor for optimal patient comfort, a gingival barrier that is painted on and light-cured, and hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. The award-winning innovation is in the closed system mouthpiece which features G.L.O Guided Light Optics technology, combining LED light with built in heat-resistors to accelerate the whitening gel for fast results with little to no sensitivity. The device automatically shuts off at the end of each pre-timed, 8-minute application. The desensitizing whitening gel comes in a unique dual barrel syringe that keeps the formulation stable and active without refrigeration. It is available in 24% and 30% hydrogen peroxide concentrations. The Patient Take-Home Kit includes the same mouthpiece device that is used in office. It also includes 9% hydrogen peroxide gel in a hermetically sealed delivery system with an easy applicator brush tip called GLO Vials. Each GLO Professional Chairside Patient Kit contains the following materials: GLO Professional gel syringe, light-cured gingival barrier syringe, lip and cheek retractor, GLO tooth shade guide, and a user manual. Each GLO Science Professional Take Home Teeth Whitening Kit contains the GLO device, mouthpiece and case, 10 GLO Vials containing professional strength take home whitening gel, GLO Lip Care, a travel case, power adapter, USB cable, and user manual.